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Naver D2SF Invests in AudAI: A Deep Dive into Vocal AI Startups

Photo by Vadim Artyukhin / Unsplash

Seoul, South Korea - Naver D2SF has invested in AudAI, highlighting the growing interest in vocal AI technology.

Why it matters:

This investment is indicative of the significant progress being made in the field of vocal AI and signals a bright future for its applications across a range of industries.

The Key Points

  • AudAI was initially discovered through Naver D2SF's campus technology startup competition at the pre-startup stage. This is the company's first institutional investment since its inception.
  • AudAI, led by CEO Soonbeom Choi, has developed a technology that can produce high-quality vocals with minimal data. The technology's effectiveness has been validated by endorsements from the International Speech and Music Society and blind testing by experts.
  • It also supports multiple languages, such as Korean, English, and Japanese, further expanding its potential applications.

The Big Picture

AudAI is preparing to launch 'Vox Factory,' a web-based solution for automatic speech generation.

This solution, which will go into open beta in November, will allow users to edit specific vocal elements precisely.

Discussions are underway for full collaboration with AudAI in various sectors, including the gaming, entertainment, and virtual content IP markets.

Naver D2SF has a long-standing commitment to investing in early-stage startups.

The organization has sponsored campus technology startup competitions since 2016, resulting in investments in seven teams, including music AI startup POZALABS and video AI startup V.DO.