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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - Naver (KRX: 035420) made a big splash at the LEAP 2024 technology exhibition in Saudi Arabia. 

The company focused on its robotics, artificial intelligence, and cloud solutions advancements.

A key announcement was "ARC mind powered by Whale OS," a web platform-based robot operating system. 

This innovation aims to simplify robot development by allowing web developers to use familiar tools to create robot services. 

Naver believes that this approach will democratize robot development. 

In addition, Naver aims to leverage the large community of web developers to expand the robot ecosystem.

Naver also announced an ongoing collaboration with Samsung Electronics' System LSI business. 

The companies are developing a next-generation robot platform based on Samsung's hardware and Naver's software solutions.

The partnership aims to accelerate the deployment of robots in the real world.

The company's CEO, Seok Sang-ok, delivered a keynote speech highlighting Naver's leadership in future city technologies. 

Naver aims to position itself as a key player in developing global smart city solutions.