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Naver Enhances AI Search: Personalization and UX Redesign

Source: Naver

Why it matters: Naver is undertaking a significant overhaul of its search user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to keep pace with the burgeoning trend of generative AI technology.

The redesign marks a notable development for Naver, in line with its strategy to embrace AI-driven personalization since the launch of "Air Search" last year.

The Key Points:

  • The redesign aims to optimize the AI search experience and enhance user personalization. This is primarily driven by user demand for an intuitive, streamlined navigation process and improved content organization.

  • Naver began testing a new search tab design on May 18. The reformatted search tabs, which include VIEW, Image, and KnowledgeiN, will focus on understanding users' browsing intent and guiding them quickly to relevant content. In addition, Naver is re-evaluating the positioning and structure of recommended keywords to reduce redundant searches and improve navigation flow.

  • As part of its engagement strategy, Naver will increase the visibility of multimedia content in search results, differentiating itself from platforms like Instagram and YouTube, which focus primarily on a single type of content. Naver's advantage lies in its extensive and diverse content collection, including text, images, and video.

  • The redesign will present search results in optimized formats to correlate with the content type. In addition, Naver is experimenting with content recommendations in the search home feed that reflect users' interests. Finally, a continuous scrolling method popular on SNS services will be introduced to alleviate browsing fatigue.

The Big Picture: "The redesign is prepared for 'Air Search,' which delivers content tailored to users' preferences, and also takes into account the usability of Search GPT, which will be released later this year," commented Kim Jae-yup, Naver's head of search UI/UX design.

This redesign illustrates Naver's ongoing commitment to refining the search experience in the AI era.