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NAVER Launches AI Meeting Assistant CLOVANOTE

Source: Naver Corp

Seoul, South Korea - NAVER has fully launched its AI-enabled meeting minutes management service called CLOVANOTE. 

The product was launched in 2020 as a voice transcription tool, leveraging NAVER's speech recognition capabilities.

Why It Matters: 

NAVER's launch of CLOVANOTE underscores the company's push into AI-powered enterprise productivity solutions. 

As remote work grows, demand for automated meeting assistants could increase.

The Key Points

  • Initially launched in 2020 as a voice transcription service powered by NAVER AI.
  • The new update adds features such as summarizing key topics and recommending next steps.
  • It is seen as a showcase for NAVER's strengths in AI and natural language processing.
  • Positions NAVER in the market for AI-powered workflow automation tools.

What they say:

"We are developing individual and business plans based on different user needs,"

said Iksang Han, head of CLOVA Business in Naver Cloud.

What Comes Next: 

NAVER is looking to integrate CLOVANOTE into its workplace collaboration platform as it expands beyond search into cloud, fintech, and enterprise technology.