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Naver Works: AI-Powered Upgrade for Enhanced Productivity

Source: Naver Cloud

Seoul, South Korea - Naver Cloud, a subsidiary of Naver Corporation, has integrated its hyperscale AI model, HyperCLOVA X, into its enterprise collaboration tool, Naver Works. 

The upgrade incorporates AI-powered functionalities, including email summarization, unread message summaries, and email prompts for adjusting length, grammar, style, and translation. 

These features aim to enhance productivity and streamline businesses' workflows.

Naver Works now offers a range of modular support services, including approval, attendance, payroll, and finance, allowing companies to select and utilize the required features. 

Users may access collaboration and management support functions simultaneously through a single app login, with integration between features such as leave requests and calendar updates.

Naver Cloud will introduce an enterprise version of its AI meeting minutes management service, Clova Note, later this year. This iteration will incorporate enhanced security measures and collaborative features for managing meeting records.

This development coincides with a growing trend among global technology companies to incorporate AI capabilities into their enterprise offerings.

This strategy is designed to capitalize on the rapidly expanding market for AI-powered productivity tools. 

Naver Cloud's incorporation of HyperCLOVA X into Naver Works positions the company to compete more effectively in this space, particularly within the South Korean market.