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New Fandom Tech Data Platform Datalabs by b.stage

Source: b.stage

Seoul, South Korea - b.stage has launched a new data analytics platform called Datalabs for creators and content owners in the fandom tech industry.

Datalabs provides in-depth insights into user behavior beyond standard analytics, including data on active users, memberships, sales trends, product performance, and detailed usage statistics.

For businesses, Datalabs focuses on sales data such as product trends, payment methods, geographic distribution of purchases, and subscription retention. 

This enables data-driven decisions about inventory, pricing, and promotions.

The platform also enables targeted email, push notification, and SMS marketing campaigns with user segmentation and performance tracking.

Co-CEO Kiyoung Lee stated in the press release that using data to understand and engage fans is vital to success in this market.

B.stage is expanding globally, recently launched in the US and Japan. 

The company provides IP consulting, fandom business consulting, e-commerce, and data analytics services.