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New Research Reveals: Grandparents Embrace Gaming as a Way to Connect with Family

Source: Samsung Electronics

According to a recent study conducted by Samsung Electronics, a significant portion of the elderly population in the UK has taken up gaming as a hobby.

The survey found that 85% of respondents over 65 who were interested in or had already played games said they played at least once a week, with 36% playing daily.

The study also found that 42% of respondents said that playing games allowed them to build good relationships and spend time with family members, while 22% played to improve their mood and stimulate their minds.

The trend of older people engaging in virtual games has increased recently. 19% of respondents started playing the hobby during the pandemic and continue to do so.

However, the study also reveals some barriers to older people getting started: 32% said they needed help understanding the technology, and 31% said they needed someone to explain how to play, which discouraged them from getting started.

In addition, 29% felt they needed the right equipment to start playing.

To help older people overcome these obstacles, Samsung teamed up with Twitch and YouTube gaming star Gee Nelly to show TikTok sensation Grandad Frank, who has over 7 million TikTok followers, how to play video games for the first time.

The TikTok video begins with Gee Nelly playing an Xbox game on a Galaxy Z Fold4 before introducing Grandad Frank to gaming with the Odyssey Ark, a 55-inch rotating monitor.

Grandad Frank and Gee Nelly’s worlds come together through their shared gaming journey, and Grandad Frank expresses his intention to continue gaming with his family.

The study also found that 51% of grandparents who already play or are interested in gaming would like to play alone.

Still, many prefer to play with family, including children and grandchildren (42%) or a partner (41%).

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