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NTT Establishes NTT Innovative Devices Corporation to Develop 6G

Source: NTT

NTT will establish NTT Innovative Devices Corporation in June 2023.

The new company will focus on planning, designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling optoelectronic fusion devices critical to a new value-creation process through Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN).

This marks a significant shift in expanding the application of optoelectronic fusion from telecommunications to computing, including data centers.

The move is expected to alleviate the escalating power consumption problem associated with the increased use of AI and other factors.

NTT's IOWN concept utilizes innovative technologies centered on fiber optics to provide high-speed, high-capacity communications and immense computing resources.

A key feature of IOWN is to improve power efficiency by rapidly developing and delivering optoelectronic fusion devices that combine optical and electrical circuits to create compact, high-speed, low-power products.

The new company, with an initial capital of 30 billion yen, will accelerate the realization of the IOWN concept by expanding the application of photoelectric fusion in the telecommunications and computing sectors.

It will also address the emerging societal issue of power consumption due to the expanded use of AI and other factors.

The establishment of NTT Innovative Devices Corporation aligns with NTT's recent success in achieving Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) multiplexed transmission at a bandwidth of 32 GHz, realizing terabit-class wireless transmission capacity.

This achievement in the sub-THz band between 135 GHz and 170 GHz is a breakthrough wireless communication technology that will facilitate access to large amounts of information over one terabit per second.

This technology is expected to contribute significantly to developing and deploying various future services, such as virtual reality/augmented reality, high-definition video, connected cars, and telemedicine.

The ultimate deployment of this technology will support the IOWN and 6G era.

The new company will also integrate NTT Group's human resources and equipment development expertise to realize the IOWN concept.

The company's business model will include full-scope manufacturing functions, including planning, design, development, manufacturing, and sales of optoelectronic fusion devices.

NTT plans to integrate NTT Electronics Corporation, which develops, designs, manufactures, and sells hardware products such as optoelectronic components and telecommunications equipment, by August 2023.