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ONDA Expands PMS Range: A New Era for Hospitality Tech

Source: ONDA

South Korean hospitality technology company ONDA has acquired the hotel property management system (PMS) business of a B2B solutions provider and invested in a Thai hospitality technology company.

The move positions ONDA as a global PMS provider covering all property types and paves the way for its expansion into international markets.

Why It Matters: ONDA's move expands the company's influence in the global hospitality technology market, providing enhanced solutions for property managers worldwide.

The Key Points

  • ONDA formed a new subsidiary, OATech, by acquiring Oasis Story's hotel PMS business.
  • The company announced an investment in Hoteliers.Guru, a Thai hospitality technology company.
  • The expanded PMS offering now covers multiple property types, providing customized solutions for different lodging providers.
  • ONDA's PMS integrates with Hotel Plus's advanced channel management system, enabling hoteliers to improve property management and maximize revenue.

The Big Picture: ONDA, which holds 70% of the domestic online lodging booking market, continues to expand its partnerships with global technology companies such as Airbnb and Google.

The acquisition of Oasis Story's hotel PMS business and investment in Hoteliers.Guru have further strengthened ONDA's position in the hospitality technology market.

Hyun-seok Oh, CEO of ONDA, emphasized the company's commitment to the digital transformation of the hospitality industry, adding, "We will continue to invest in the development of digital transformation technologies for hotels and hoteliers."

ONDA's moves are being watched as it significantly reshapes the global hospitality technology landscape.