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Rakuten Mobile, Next Japan Partner on Gerontology Initiatives

Source: Rakuten Mobile

Tokyo, Japan - Rakuten Mobile, Inc. and Next Japan K.K. announced their alliance based on gerontological principles.

This joint effort aims to address concerns related to the aging population.

The Key Points

  • Role assumption: SAM, known for founding Next Japan, assumes the position of health ambassador for Rakuten Senior.
  • Overview of Next Japan: After his involvement with the TRF dance group, SAM founded Next Japan. The company, known for its "Dare Demo Dance" program, organizes "Healthy Easy Dance Program" workshops for seniors in Japan.
  • Combining initiatives: The alliance will combine offline workshops conducted by SAM with online facets of "Rakuten Senior Citizens," focusing on physical activities such as exercise and dance.
  • SAM's background: With a master's degree in gerontology, SAM has studied the effects of aging on the human body and mind. His role at Rakuten Senior involves content collaboration and coordination with local businesses and government.
  • Rakuten Mobile's strategy: "Rakuten Mobile Rakuten Senior" will provide exercise video content for older people based on regional Japanese exercise videos. The goal is to facilitate continuous interaction between senior citizens and regional businesses.

What else?

SAM's dance journey began in his teenage years, exploring genres such as disco and break dancing. After training in New York, SAM's career in Japan included choreographing for artists such as TRF, V6, and Ayumi Hamasaki.

In 2016, he initiated the general association Dare Demo Dance, which caters to a wide age demographic.

Most notably, he recently performed on Noh, a revered Japanese traditional platform.

Regarding his association with Rakuten Senior, SAM emphasized the common goal of promoting healthier and longer lifespans.