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Rakuten Rakuma & FROM JAPAN: Top Brands by Country

Source: Rakuten

Tokyo, Japan - Rakuten Group's flea market app, Rakuten Rakuma, and FROM JAPAN's cross-border e-commerce site, One Map by FROM JAPAN, released data on the most popular fashion brands by country and region based on cross-border transactions. 

The survey by FROM JAPAN compiled rankings for nine countries and regions with high transaction volumes in 2023.

In the United States, luxury brands Louis VUITTON and GUCCI secured the top two positions, while American brand Nike came in third. 

The Japanese brands Angelic Pretty and A BATHING APE ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.

LOUIS VUITTON, the top brand, saw significant transactions for women's bags.

Hong Kong showed a strong preference for high-priced luxury brands, with HERMES and CHANEL leading the rankings. 

Japanese brands NEIGHBORHOOD and G-SHOCK followed in fourth and fifth place, respectively.

The UK tended towards street and fashion style brands, with "NIKE" and "ISSEY MIYAKE" topping the list. Japan's fast fashion brand "UNIQLO" took fifth place.

Remarkably, in Singapore, all five of the top five brands were Japanese: "HUMAN MADE," "A BATHING APE," "NEIGHBORHOOD," "Ank Rouge," and "G-SHOCK."

The top three positions in Italy were dominated by watch and jewelry brands, with "ROLEX," "SEIKO," and the Italian brand "BVLGARI" leading the rankings.

In France, Japanese brands had a strong presence, reflecting the popularity of Japan's "kawaii culture." "GU" ranked first, followed by "Angelic Pretty," "GRL," and "Secret Honey" in second place, and "EATME" and "NIKE" in fifth place.

Rakuten Rakuma and FROM JAPAN intend to further promote reuse through cross-border transactions and contribute to realizing a sustainable society by developing a new e-commerce platform that facilitates the "circulation of goods.