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Realize and SOXAI Partner on AI Behavioral Health

Source: SOXAI

Tokyo, Japan - SoftBank-owned Realize Innovations has partnered with smart ring company SOXAI Corporation to develop new behavioral health solutions using artificial intelligence (AI). 

Realize Innovations is a SoftBank subsidiary focused on AI-based behavioral analytics.

The collaboration will integrate Realize's behavioral analytics technology with health data collected by SOXAI's SOXAI RING device.

The Key Points

  • Realize and SOXAI will integrate Realize's behavioral AI with health data from SOXAI's smart ring to generate personalized health recommendations.
  • SOXAI will provide an API based on data collected by its SOXAI RING, a wearable health monitoring device.
  • ChatGPT will analyze the behavioral and health inputs to provide customized tips on sleep, exercise, and other lifestyle factors.
  • Visualizations are designed to increase user awareness of habits and metrics and motivate positive change.
  • The partnership aims to facilitate the creation of insurance products and services directly linked to health data and tailored to consumer behavior.

What They Say:

Masato Sakatani, president of Realize Innovations, said the joint venture aims to "help companies create more targeted health promotion services that could range from insurance products to customized user services.

What Comes Next?

The partnership illustrates the potential of combining health hardware, such as wearables, with software analytics to derive meaningful insights and drive behavioral change. 

Both companies plan to expand their range of healthcare solutions by leveraging various technologies, including AI. 

This is expected to contribute to a more integrated, data-driven healthcare environment.