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Samsung and Lucid Motors Collaborate on EV Design Innovation

Source: Samsung Electronics

Seoul, South Korea - Samsung Electronics (KRX: 005930) has partnered strategically with Lucid Group, Inc.(NASDAQ: LCID) by installing its breakthrough MicroLED technology, dubbed "The Wall," in Lucid's design studio.

The move marks a significant step in Lucid's mission to produce sustainable electric vehicles (EVs) and redefine luxury in the EV market.

Why it matters:  

The collaboration between tech giant Samsung Electronics and automaker Lucid Group, Inc. illustrates how cutting-edge technology can influence electric vehicle (EV) design, potentially setting new standards for the automotive industry.

The Key Points

A standout feature of "The Wall" is its unparalleled image clarity. With its massive 255-inch display, Lucid's team can examine their design prototypes in lifelike color.

  • Innovation through technology: Lucid integrates Samsung's The Wall into its design studio, leveraging its MicroLED capabilities to enhance the EV design process. This, combined with the accurate representation of light on 3D models, has facilitated synergy between Lucid's design and engineering departments.
  • Focus on quality: The Wall's high-resolution display lets Lucid designers view vehicle models with unparalleled accuracy and realism, promoting efficient design changes.
  • Optimize space: The Wall's compact design maximizes studio space at Lucid's headquarters and encourages collaboration.

What They Say:

Highlighting the transformative potential of this partnership, Jenny Ha, exterior design manager at Lucid Motors, noted the role The Wall played in the conceptualization of the Lucid Air Sapphire. "Samsung's technology allowed us to visualize our future vehicles in detail at every stage of development, leaving no detail untouched," she said.

James Fishler, senior vice president of the Home Entertainment & Display Divisions at Samsung Electronics America, commented on the broader implications of this collaboration. "Lucid's commitment to delivering sustainable luxury vehicles is commendable, and it has been rewarding to be a part of this journey, especially with the design of the new Lucid Sapphire," he said.