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Samsung Health App Adds Medication Tracking for Users

Source: Samsung Electronics

Seoul, South Korea - Samsung Electronics (KRX: 005930) recently updated its Samsung Health app with a medication tracking feature. 

This feature is designed to help users manage both prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Why It Matters:

Adding the medication feature to the Samsung Health app marks another step in the evolution of digital health management tools. 

It underscores the growing trend of integrating technology into personal health and wellness routines.

The Key Points

  • The Medication feature allows users to enter and monitor details such as their medications' name, appearance, dosage, and timing.
  • It provides comprehensive information about each medication, including descriptions, side effects, and interactions with other medicines, foods, or substances.
  • Customizable reminders allow users to receive notifications based on the importance of their medications. The feature also integrates with the Galaxy Watch for on-device reminders.
  • The feature's content is sourced from Elsevier, indicating a reliance on evidence-based medical information.

What They Say: 

Samsung Health aims to help people better understand and manage their health by connecting devices, services, and people through a holistic platform. With the new medication tracking feature, users can better manage their medication, improve adherence, and maintain better health.

Hon Pak, Vice President and head of the Digital Health Team, MX Business at Samsung Electronic

What Comes Next:

Initially available in the U.S., the medication feature requires a smartphone running Android 8.0 or later and the Samsung Health app version 6.26 or higher. 

Availability of this feature may vary by device.

This update enhances the Samsung Health app's features, such as sleep management, mindfulness programs, and irregular heart rhythm detection, positioning the app as a multi-faceted health and wellness management tool.