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Samsung & LG Electronics: Q3 2023 Earnings Overview

Photo by m. / Unsplash

Samsung Electronics: Q3 2023

Third-quarter earnings guidance will be released on October 11, 2023.

Source: Samsung Electronics
  • Consolidated revenue: KRW 67 trillion.
  • Consolidated operating profit: KRW 2.4 trillion.

Median estimates

  • Revenue: KRW 66 trillion ~ KRW 68 trillion
  • Operating profit: KRW 2.3 trillion ~ KRW 2.5 trillion

Historical figures for reference:

  • 2023 2Q Revenue: KRW 60.01 trillion, Operating profit: KRW0.67 trillion won.
  • 2022 3Q Revenue: KRW 76.78 trillion, Operating income: KRW10.85 trillion won.

LG Electronics: Q3 2023 Figures

This is an increase of 30% compared to Q3 2022 and Q2 2023. B2B focus areas: auto parts and HVAC. The consumer segment focuses on LG OLED TVs and the LG Objet Collection.

Source: LG Electronics

Shift to "smart life solution" noted in Q3 results.

  • Launched LG ThinQ UP 2.0: Combines home appliances with subscription services.
  • LG automotive component solutions: Order backlog expected to reach KRW 100 trillion by the end of the year.
  • LG Home Entertainment's direction: From product-based to a media and entertainment platform; projection of 300 million units running webOS by 2026.
  • LG Business Solutions: Focus on IT products and emphasis on electric vehicle charging.

Observations to consider:

  • Trends: Resilient performance was observed at both companies, noting LG's 30% increase in operating profit from previous quarters.
  • Strategy shift: LG is shifting from a pure product focus to service integration, as seen in its home appliances and subscription services.
  • Forward-looking plans: LG's focus on electric vehicles indicates its future strategic direction.
  • Relative size: While Samsung's revenue is still more considerable, both companies show steady growth in their respective fields.
  • Efficiency measures: LG's shift toward digital transformation encompasses several operational areas, from manufacturing to sales.