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Samsung, LG Reveal Innovations for Business Connectivity

Source: Samsung Electronics

Seoul, South Korea / Barcelona, Spain - At this week's Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show in Barcelona, global technology giants Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics unveiled their latest display and smart device innovations to revolutionize business connectivity and collaboration.

Samsung highlighted plans to expand its B2B displays and SmartThings IoT platform to streamline business operations and environments. 

The company demonstrated prototypes of "smart spaces" powered by SmartThings integrations, such as retail stores that automatically adjust lighting and signage based on the time of day or conference rooms that optimize settings for video calling. 

Samsung also announced a new interactive classroom display that offers educational apps through access to Google Play.

In addition, Samsung demonstrated transparent micro-LED display technology that can serve as ultra-thin screens or partitions in stores and events. 

And through a newly signed agreement with Cisco, Samsung showcased a 105-inch 5K screen and camera bundle optimized for hybrid workspaces compatible with Microsoft Teams.

Source: LG Electronics

Similarly, LG promoted its extensive range of micro LED and LED solutions for retail, corporate, education, and other industries. 

LG also focused heavily on advanced display management via proprietary cloud platforms for remote control of signage networks.

Like Samsung, LG demonstrated micro LED configurations for applications ranging from airport displays to luxury hotel rooms. 

Other highlights included a 171-inch LED screen, a 105-inch LCD ideal for widescreen videoconferencing, and transparent OLED menu boards for retail and hospitality.