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Samsung Reveals Logic Semiconductor Advances at 2023 Tech Day

Source: Samsung Electronics

San Jose, CA, USA - Samsung Electronics (KRX: 005930) hosted the System LSI Tech Day, highlighting its latest technological advances in analog and logic semiconductor technology.

Why it matters:

Samsung's analog and logic semiconductor technology update at System LSI Tech Day 2023 provides insight into the tech giant's direction in the evolving technology landscape.

The Key Points

  • A spotlight on hyper-intelligent, hyper-connected, and hyper-data technologies in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • Introduced the Exynos 2400 mobile processor and Zoom Anyplace 200-million-pixel image sensor.
  • Announced partnerships and plans, particularly in 5G, automotive, and IoT.

The Details

Fourth industrial revolution direction: Samsung focused on hyper-intelligent, hyper-connected, and hyper-data technologies to develop logical solutions for various industries.

Generative AI: Yong-In Park, President of System LSI Business at Samsung, discussed the growing importance of Generative AI. The company plans to advance proactive AI through its System LSI Humanoid platform.

Exynos 2400 Mobile Processor: Samsung introduced the Exynos 2400, which integrates the Xclipse 940 GPU based on the AMD RDNA™ 3 architecture.

Specifications include

1.7x improvement in CPU performance

14.7x improvement in AI performance over the previous Exynos 2200

Zoom Anywhere Image Sensor: Samsung introduced a 200-million-pixel sensor called Zoom Anyplace. The technology enables up to 4x closer shots of dynamic subjects without compromising image quality.

5G, vision sensor, and health: An upcoming 5G modem, the ISOCELL Vizion vision sensor, and a health-focused processor were unveiled at the event.

Automotive innovations: The Exynos Auto V920, scheduled for mass production in 2025, was introduced. The ISOCELL Auto 1H1 image sensor with 120Hz HDR and LED flicker mitigation was also highlighted.

Connectivity and IoT: In partnership with Skylo Technologies, Samsung introduced NB-IoT NTN satellite communications. A demonstration showed wireless lighting control using the Exynos Connect U100.

Other innovations: Other presentations included the 200MP ISOCELL HP2 image sensor, the ISOCELL Auto 1H1 for driver assistance, and a quantum dot OLED display driver IC.

About 300 participants attended the event, reflecting Samsung's continuous R&D efforts at home and abroad, especially in logic semiconductor technologies.