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Samsung & Warner Bros. Unveil Collaboration Ahead of BARBIE 2023 Release.

Source: Samsung Electronics

London, United Kingdom - Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. has announced a partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures before the movie BARBIE's release on July 21, 2023.

Why it matters:

The collaboration suggests a growing intersection between the entertainment and technology industries.

The Key Points.

  • The partnership includes a two-pronged campaign: a global retail activation and a European digital activation called BARBIE SmartThings DreamHouse.
  • Retail stores worldwide will showcase the BARBIE movie trailer in 8K resolution on Samsung's in-store TVs as part of a broader content deal between Samsung and Warner Bros.
  • Launching in Europe on July 10, 2023, Samsung's BARBIE SmartThings DreamHouse will use Samsung SmartThings, a platform with more than 150 million users worldwide, to illustrate everyday scenarios in the BARBIE universe.
  • The DreamHouse platform will showcase applications of various Samsung products. These include the Galaxy Z Flip4 for music playback and the Jet Bot AI + Robot Vacuum for cleaning.

The Big Picture:

Samsung's collaboration with Warner Bros. represents a convergence of the technology and movie industries.

As the BARBIE movie prepares for its global release on July 21, 2023, the partnership positions both companies at a notable convergence point in the market.