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SB Technology Enhances AI for Optimized Response Accuracy

Source: SB Technology Co.

Tokyo, Japan - SB Technology Co. has announced a significant move to support the adoption of generative AI for corporate and municipal customers.

Why it matters:

The goal is to better serve the corporate and municipal sectors with increased response accuracy, a critical component in business applications.

This is a crucial driver of operational efficiency in various business applications.

The Key Points

  • Generative AI with SB Technology: Using the Azure OpenAI service, SB Technology has created a generative AI that operates securely and away from external threats.
  • Benefits of Collaboration: By collaborating with Kyowa Kirin, SB Technology applied AI to document retrieval, enabling Kyowa Kirin to optimize searches.
  • Overcoming challenges: With the introduction of ChatGPT, the use of generative AI increased dramatically. To address the challenges it posed, SB Technology focused on using AI securely through the Azure OpenAI service, which improved response accuracy.

The Big Picture

Generative AI is quickly becoming an essential tool for businesses, but its application has been challenging due to security concerns and accurate data extraction.

SB Technology's comprehensive solution, powered by the Azure OpenAI Service, aims to address these issues, with data scientists even simplifying the process from setting up the cloud environment to managing it on Microsoft Azure.

A recent collaboration between SB Technology and Kyowa Kirin illustrates the potential of such partnerships—their joint efforts aimed to improve the efficiency of searching Kyowa Kirin's extensive R&D documents.

A specialized information retrieval tool showed early signs of increasing operational efficiency.

SB Technology is not stopping there. With a vision to provide safe and competent generative AI solutions to a broader range of customers, the company plans to refine its technology further, drawing on insights from its current partnerships and trials.

Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service, which has been instrumental in SB Technology's efforts, provides a REST API tailored to the rich language models in OpenAI's ChatGPT.

This ensures that AI operations remain secure, especially when dealing with sensitive corporate data.