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Seoul Announces $299.5 mln Investment in Informatization Projects for 2023.

Photo by Ethan Brooke / Unsplash

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has announced plans to invest KRW 370.3 billion, or about $299.5 million, in 1,431 information projects this year.

This represents a 7% increase over last year’s investment of KRW 345.9 billion.

The city will use new technologies such as Metaverse, artificial intelligence (AI), and Big Data to improve the convenience and safety of citizens.

In addition, the City will expand support projects for the digitally vulnerable population, including the elderly and disabled. 34% of the projects will be invested in administrative services that use AI and Big Data.

One of the priorities of the informatization projects is the full implementation of new digital administrative services.

This includes expanding citizen experience services such as citizen experience centers for security and real estate contracts and integrating metaverse services from individual cities and autonomous districts into the Seoul Metaverse platform.

Another focus is the expansion of intelligent digital security networks based on video surveillance.

In addition, the city plans to invest KRW 9.2 billion in continuing the project to improve video surveillance in cooperation with the city of Seoul and autonomous districts.

This includes installing intelligent video surveillance in security-prone areas throughout Seoul and improving image quality by replacing old video surveillance equipment.

The city also plans to set up an ‘AI video surveillance-based high-speed missing person search system’ that uses intelligent video surveillance technology for selective monitoring to prevent and quickly respond to the disappearance of vulnerable people.

The city also plans to invest in expanding accessible WiFi networks, especially in areas with high floating populations, such as the 11 Hangang parks and facilities for digitally vulnerable people.

The city also plans to replace old WiFi devices with high-capacity devices that are four times faster.

Seoul also plans to deploy new technologies such as Big Data, AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain throughout the city government to provide a higher level of digital administrative service and improve labor productivity by creating an internal remote work environment.

This includes the Seoul Childbirth and Childcare Universal Key, a childcare portal platform that can solve all pregnancy, livestock, and childcare issues in one place.

Overall, Seoul Metropolitan City’s investment in information projects aims to create a more comfortable and safer environment for citizens and support the digitally vulnerable population.

By integrating new technologies and digital services, the city hopes to improve the quality of life for its citizens and prepare for the future.

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