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SK Telecom to Launch Autonomous AI Patrol Robot Services with Neubility and SK Shieldus

Source: SK Telecom

SK Telecom will commercialize its autonomous AI patrol robot service, a security and guard service in which an autonomous robot continuously moves and monitors a designated area, dispatching security personnel from the control center when an unusual situation is detected.

The company will jointly develop and commercialize the service with Neubility, a manufacturer of autonomous delivery robots, and SK shieldus, a company specializing in converged security services.

SK Telecom’s AI image recognition and transmission technology will be applied to Neubility’s autonomous robotics and remote control solutions.

SK Shieldus’ security solutions and distribution infrastructure will validate the efficiency of AI patrol robot services and accelerate commercial services.

SK Telecom’s AI technology will transform Neubility’s Neubi outdoor autonomous delivery robot into a patrol robot.

The three companies are exploring the marketability of patrol robots for schools, factories, and public institutions that require 24-hour monitoring and have many blind spots for video surveillance.

The upgraded Neubi is expected to remove the price burden that has been a barrier to early adoption.

Since February 22, the three companies have been conducting a pilot test of AI patrol robots at Deoksung Women’s University in Dobong-gu, Seoul, to verify the feasibility of AI patrol robots and identify necessary functions in the field.

Based on the pilot test results, the three companies plan to finalize the specifications and functions needed to commercialize the AI patrol robot service by the end of March.

They then plan to sign a framework agreement in the second quarter.

The agreement will specify each company’s role in joint development, cost-sharing plans, business models, and the launch of commercial services by the end of the year.

The companies also deployed an autonomous robot, Neubi, at Pinx Golf Club in Jeju during the “SK Telecom Open 2022” in June last year.

Neubi provided water and drinks to the gallery and players.

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