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Hyperconnect Unveils SLIDE: Video-Based Dating App Revolutionizing the Industry

Hyperconnect, the global social platform company behind popular products like AZAR, has unveiled SLIDE, a video-based dating app now available in the North American and German markets. 

SLIDE aims to revolutionize the dating industry by using short video clips instead of pictures to match users based on appearance, voice, tastes, and interests.

The recent shift toward video dating can be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made virtual communication more prevalent. 

Before the pandemic, video dating was met with skepticism, especially among younger millennials and Gen Z. 

However, according to Dominic Whitlock, editor of Global Dating Insights, the widespread adoption of video conferencing tools like Zoom has made virtual interactions more comfortable for these demographics.

SLIDE is based on WebRTC technology, an area in which Hyperconnect has demonstrated strong expertise. 

As the first commercial provider to use WebRTC technology on mobile devices, the company has achieved a superior quality of communication compared to competitors using Adobe AIR. 

This advantage helped Hyperconnect’s applications reach one million downloads in two months.

SLIDE also uses an AI engine developed by Hyperconnect. 

The company plans to integrate its Digital AI technology into SLIDE and its other products, including AZAR and Hakuna Live. 

Hyperconnect’s On-device AI technology, a next-generation deep learning solution that bypasses servers, has been recognized for its innovative approach that sets the company apart from other service providers.

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