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Source: LG Electronics

Why it matters: LG Electronics is driving advancements in vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication solutions, a critical technology for the coming age of autonomous vehicles.

The company's efforts are expected to significantly improve road safety by facilitating communication between vehicles and their surrounding infrastructure.

The Key Points

  • Under the "Seoul Smart ITS 2.0 Deployment Project," LG Electronics has partnered with the Seoul Metropolitan Government to implement an advanced accident prevention system. The initiative features the company's 5G network-based V2X system, 'Soft V2X'.

  • Soft V2X' is a cloud-based service that analyzes various data, such as the location, direction, and speed of pedestrians and vehicles, to alert drivers and vulnerable road users of potential road safety risks in real-time. It can also communicate local road conditions and traffic signals.

  • The recent pilot involved 6,700 participants and lasted six months. It delivered over 40,000 traffic hazard alerts, resulting in safer behavior by 74.8% of pedestrians and 68.4% of drivers.

  • LG intends to improve the usability of Soft V2X and refine its services based on feedback from project participants. The company plans to introduce a more advanced version of Soft V2X at the upcoming 5GAA meeting in Detroit in October.

The Big Picture: The successful demonstration of Soft V2X underscores the potential of V2X communication solutions to improve road safety.

It supports the argument that these systems, in combination with Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) infrastructure, can reliably provide various traffic safety services.

With an increasing global focus on pedestrian safety and ongoing discussions on the next generation of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), the importance of platforms such as "Soft V2X" is expected to grow.

According to Je Yeong-ho, head of C&M Standard Lab at LG Electronics, the company is committed to advancing its technology leadership in the cloud-based connected mobility platform.