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SoftBank, Keio University Build Virtual Campus on Metaverse Platform

Source: Softbank

Tokyo, Japan - TA collaborative effort between SoftBank Corporation, Keio University SFC Research Institute, and O Corporation has led to the creation of a virtual campus for Keio University's Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) on the metaverse platform 'MEs,' developed by O Corporation. 

This initiative represents a significant step in incorporating digital technology into educational environments.

Why It Matters:

Integrating digital technology into education is increasingly essential in today's tech-driven world.

The collaboration between these entities showcases the potential of digital platforms to enhance educational experiences.

The project could set a precedent for future educational institutions incorporating similar technologies.

The Key Points:

  • Digital Twin Campus Development: The project is part of the 'Digital Twin Campus Consortium' spearheaded by the SFC Research Institute. It uses SoftBank's data, including 3D maps from aerial photography and point cloud data from Mobile Mapping Systems (MMS), to build the virtual campus on the 'MEs' platform.
  • Pilot Project for Educational Methods: Since September 2023, the consortium has conducted a pilot project, engaging students in lectures and activities within the virtual campus, aimed at encouraging active learning and student involvement in campus design.
  • MEs Platform Utilization: O Corporation's 'MEs platform replicates the physical elements of SFC's campus, involving aerial photography, precise scaling, and 3D modeling.
  • Immersive Syllabus Implementation: The project introduces an 'Immersive Syllabus,' transforming traditional syllabi into interactive 3D formats to enhance student interaction and motivation.

What Comes Next: 

Looking ahead, SoftBank, in collaboration with the SFC Research Institute and O Corporation, plans to develop the virtual campus further. 

This includes utilizing advanced communication technologies like 5G to improve the platform's capabilities.

The Digital Twin Campus Consortium, established in July 2023, continues its research and development activities, focusing on leveraging digital twin technology and exploring the synergies between physical and virtual campus environments.