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SoftBank Launches Private 5G Service for Businesses

Source: Softbank

Tokyo, Japan - SoftBank has launched a private 5G service for enterprises and local governments to capitalize on the growing demand for dedicated 5G networks on customer premises.

The "Private 5G (Dedicated Type)" service, which will be available from March 13, 2024, will enable customers to create customized, high-speed, low-latency, and secure 5G network environments within their buildings or premises, even outside the coverage areas of public 5G networks.

By installing dedicated base stations and core network equipment on customer premises, SoftBank claims the service can reduce latency by up to 80% compared to public 5G networks, making it suitable for applications such as smart factories that require low latency.

The service also promises enhanced security by allowing customers to process their data within a closed, dedicated network environment. 

SoftBank will provide end-to-end support, from network design and construction to operations and maintenance.

The launch comes as businesses increasingly look to leverage 5G technology to drive digital transformation, with the global private 5G market expected to grow significantly in the coming years. 

SoftBank aims to promote digital transformation across various industries by offering the service to a wide range of customers, including those looking to implement advanced operational technology solutions or replace wired LANs within their premises.

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