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Softbank starts offering Starlink Service in Japan.

Source: Starlink

Why it matters: SoftBank has unveiled Starlink Business, a satellite broadband service with various plans tailored to different needs, from land to maritime applications.

The new offering represents a significant expansion of SoftBank's service portfolio.

The Key points:

  • Starlink Business is a satellite broadband Internet service with a maximum downlink speed of 220 Mbps and an uplink speed of 25 Mbps. SoftBank has announced the launch of three different packages from late September 2023, tailored to different use cases such as factories, construction sites, and ships.
  • Standard, Portable, and Marine plan to offer data capacities ranging from 50GB to 6TB. The Portable plan can be used in various locations for land-based customers, and the Marine plan is designed for ships in Japan's territorial waters.
  • Besides providing satellite broadband services, SoftBank's Starlink Business is designed to complement the company's enterprise solutions, addressing many customer challenges and supporting digital transformation in many industries—from remote construction equipment operation to bridge inspection and disaster response.

The big picture: The launch of Starlink Business underscores SoftBank's continued investment in innovative technology solutions.

The move could expand the company's influence in the global communications technology landscape.

It reaffirms SoftBank's worldwide strategy of addressing customer needs, strengthening its position in competitive technology.

The launch marks a remarkable development in communications technology, offering versatile solutions for businesses in various operational environments.