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Sony Boosts Industrial Applications for Airpeak S1 Drone with New Add-ons

Source: Sony Group Corporation

Sony Group Corporation will release new products for its professional drone, the Airpeak S1, to expand industrial applications.

The Airpeak S1 is known for its agile, dynamic, and precise flight capabilities achieved through proprietary motors, propellers, control systems, and sensor technology.

The drone has an Alpha™ (Alpha™) full-size mirrorless interchangeable lens camera for high-resolution capture.

The new products include a Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) kit for highly accurate positioning within centimeters, a battery pack for extended flight time, and a custom lightweight gimbal PX1 for Gremsy's Airpeak.

These products are expected to contribute to safe and efficient drone operations in various industries.

The Airpeak S1's RTK kit enables accurate flight and high-precision data acquisition by recording position information within a few centimeters.

Using two GNSS antennas, the RTK Kit also enables stable flight in environments with substantial magnetic field interference.

Using the RTK Kit with a vision sensor improves the drone's self-localization estimation accuracy and enhances its overall flight performance.

A feature to add positioning information to captured images is planned for support starting in the summer of 2023.

The drone is compatible with the ILCE-7RM4, ILCE-7RM4A, and ILCE-7RM5 full-frame mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (α7R series), which can capture images with a maximum of 61 million pixels.

It supports a range of lenses with different focal lengths, such as 24/35/40/50mm.

The Airpeak S1 features high wind resistance performance, with a maximum wind resistance of 20 m/s without payload and a gust resistance of 15 m/s with a full load.

The drone also supports long automated flights and is equipped with proximity prevention and obstacle-braking functions for enhanced safety.

Sony's Airpeak S1 is a Japanese-made professional drone with comprehensive safety features developed through the company's product development expertise.

The new products, including the RTK kit, battery pack, and PX1 gimbal for Airpeak, will be released sequentially from April 2023.

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