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Squirrel Ai Unveils L5 Adaptive Learning AI in Seoul

Source: Squirrel Ai

Seoul, South Korea - Squirrel Ai Learning, a Chinese AI education company, has announced its L5-level AI-powered Large Adaptive Model (LAM) technology at the 6th AI Summit Seoul. 

The company claims this adaptive learning system works independently of human intervention, with AI managing the entire learning process.

Dr. Joleen Liang, co-founder of Squirrel Ai, categorized adaptive education into six levels, from L0 to L5. 

While many in the industry are stuck at the L2 level, Squirrel Ai's L5 system is being touted as a significant breakthrough, according to the company.

Over the past decade, the company has invested in research and development, establishing joint labs with Carnegie Mellon University and the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and partnering with the Stanford Research Institute.

Squirrel Ai has also integrated LAM technology into its smart learning tablets and established 2,000 offline service centers by 2023. 

The company reported cumulative sales of 200,000 learning tablet sets and a business growth rate of 300%.