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"Startup" Drama Locations: A Tour of South Korea's Tech and Innovation Scenes

Source: CJ ENM

The South Korean drama "Startup" has captivated audiences with its inspiring story set in technology and entrepreneurship.

However, as the first season ends, fans may be curious about the real-life locations featured in the series. Some essential sites in South Korea showcase the country's tech and innovation scene.

Nodeul-seom: Located in the Han River, Nodeul-seom Island is home to SANDBOX, the fictional tech incubator featured in the show. The island's name means "the stone where the egret plays" in Korean.

Source: CJ ENM

Oil Tank Cultural Park: The main entrance of SANDBOX, where protagonist Seo Dalbi (played by Bae Suji) often appears, is filmed at the Oil Tank Cultural Park in Sangam, Seoul.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has transformed this former oil depot into a public space with performance venues, exhibition halls, and learning spaces.

Robot Land: The actual office and facilities of SANDBOX were filmed at Robot Land in Songdo, Incheon. Although there has been no official announcement regarding the preservation of these facilities, they have become iconic to fans of the show.

Pangyo: Known as South Korea's Silicon Valley, this area is where Dosan and Dalmi first meet in the drama. Pangyo is a hub for the country's tech and startup industries.

Dangin-ri Power Plant Street: The beautiful cherry blossom scene in episode 1 was filmed along the road leading to the Dangin-ri Thermal Power Plant, a popular spring cherry blossom spot.

Hapjeong-dong: The corn dog snack bar where Han JiPyeong and Seo Dalmi exchange love letters is a Korean barbecue restaurant near Hapjeong in Seoul.

Han River Park: The corn dog truck owned by Dalmi's grandmother is parked at the Han River Park floating stage in Yeoui-do, Seoul. This is where Han JiPyeong regularly visits to discuss matters related to Seo Dalmi.

These real-life locations glimpse South Korea's thriving tech and innovation scene. Fans of the "Startup" drama can look forward to visiting these locations once travel restrictions ease and experiencing the country's entrepreneurial spirit firsthand.