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Source: Superb AI

Tokyo, Japan- Superb AI, a vision AI solutions startup, announced that it will provide its "Superb Platform" to Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan's largest automaker. 

The platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools for developing and managing computer vision AI to interpret image, video, and 3D LiDAR data.

Toyota selected the Superb Platform to address its need for an intuitive data annotation tool that simplifies creating metadata through automated annotation. 

The automaker's decision was driven by the platform's full MLOps capabilities integrated into a single system.

Superb AI's automated annotation capabilities enable Toyota to perform self-service data annotation, while the platform's AI analytics capabilities streamline post-labeling processing and management, optimizing associated costs.

The South Korea-based tech startup has established offices in the United States and Japan to expand its global footprint. 

Superb AI has secured customers like Nippon Steel and Toyota in Japan.

Superb AI CEO Hyun Kim said in the press release that demand for automation and robotics solutions is growing among companies, especially in traditional manufacturing, as they seek to address the challenges posed by an aging and shrinking workforce.