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Tokyo Goes Digital: Metaverse Tourism Unveiled

Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Tokyo, Japan - To revitalize its visitor economy, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is turning to the metaverse in a new project called "HELLO! TOKYO FRIENDS.

The project consists of a virtual Tokyo on the Roblox platform and a scavenger hunt-style web-based application.

In the Roblox metaverse, users can explore scaled-down versions of famous Tokyo landmarks, participate in treasure hunts, and take quizzes about Japanese cuisine.

The "TOKYO HUNT!" app uses augmented reality to integrate cartoon characters and collectibles into the real-world Tokyo landscape.

The initiative offers potential financial benefits for Tokyo, especially if digital rewards earned in the game drive transactions at tourism-dependent businesses. 

The project marks a shift for the city as it seeks to capitalize on the growing popularity of the metaverse to appeal to younger demographics.