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Toss Hits KRW 10B Milestone in Advertising Revenue, Leveraging User Data

Source: Viva Republica

Seoul, South Korea - Viva Republica, the company behind the Toss mobile financial service, has reported a significant increase in its advertising revenue, surpassing the KRW 10 billion mark in November. 

This development is noteworthy as it represents a significant increase over the previous year's figures. 

Why It Matters:

As startups now focus on "generating profit" instead of growing in size, Toss is meeting investors' challenges with "profitability." 

Toss's significant revenue growth highlights the impact of digital advertising on financial technology.

The milestone reflects the app's ability to leverage user data for targeted advertising, a critical factor in today's digital marketing landscape.

The Key Points

  • Toss is a multifunctional financial app that consolidates banking, securities, and insurance services into a single platform. The app offers more than 70 different services.
  • Key metrics for Toss include KRW 423 trillion in total remittances, 160 million registered accounts, 58 million registered cards, and KRW 28 trillion in total loans.
  • The app's advertising model leverages data from approximately 15.3 million monthly active users (MAUs) for targeted advertising, offering customization across 27 main categories and 272 sub-categories.
  • Advertising options on Toss include video ads with 33 million daily page views (PVs), banners, live shopping, quizzes, and push notifications catering to various industries.

What They Say:

A representative from Toss said, "Our focus is on user-centric advertising strategies that aim to enhance the user experience while introducing efficient advertising methods."

What Comes Next:

Toss's trajectory in the advertising space is likely to influence its position in the financial market. 

The company's approach to leveraging rich user data for targeted advertising and its wide range of products positions it as a critical player in the competitive landscape. 

The recent launch of an advertising payback program underscores Toss' commitment to increasing the reach and effectiveness of its advertising.

It points to a continued evolution in how financial services firms can leverage digital platforms for revenue growth and customer engagement.