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Yahoo! and LINE Integrate Maps and Search

Source: LY Corporation

Tokyo, Japan - LY Corporation recently integrated its LINE Official Accounts with Yahoo Maps and Yahoo Search, marking a significant step in the digital platform environment.

Why It Matters:

The integration of LINE Yahoo Japan's Official Accounts with Yahoo Maps and Yahoo Search is significant for several reasons. 

Simulating the process of connecting with businesses improves the user experience. 

In addition, businesses gain visibility on these platforms and can increase consumer loyalty.

The Key Points

  • Users can now add a business's official LINE account directly while viewing locations on Yahoo! Maps or in Yahoo! search results.
  • The feature is active on the iOS version of Yahoo! Maps, with an Android version expected. Integration with Yahoo! Search is also likely.
  • The integration offers users exclusive offers and coupons through official LINE accounts, while businesses can increase their visibility and customer interaction.
  • LINE Yahoo offers a free tool, "Yahoo! Places", for businesses to display the "Add a Friend" button linked to their official LINE account.

What They Say:

According to digital marketing and customer relationship management experts, this integration streamlines the interaction between consumers and businesses. 

That's where the integration of search and social media comes in.

What Comes Next:

LY Corporation plans to develop a new platform, "Connect One," centered around LINE's official accounts. 

Scheduled to launch in 2024, Connect One aims to unify customer touch points and maximize customer lifetime value by integrating various LINE Yahoo corporate services. 

This development is part of a broader strategy to consolidate user accounts and promotional tools across platforms. 

It will also improve the company's understanding of consumer behavior and preferences.