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Yahoo! Japan Offers Up to 10% Off Domestic Accommodation

Source: Yahoo! Japan

Yahoo! Japan launches campaign offering up to 10% savings on domestic accommodation

Why It Matters

  • As Japan experiences a resurgence in travel demand post-pandemic, Yahoo! Japan's Internet travel reservation service, Yahoo! Travel, has launched a campaign offering up to 10% savings on domestic accommodation bookings.

  • The campaign comes amid concerns about a tightening supply of rooms leading to potential price hikes as travel demand in Japan continues its rapid recovery.

Key Points

  • The campaign, "Save up to 10% Anytime, Anyone," will launch on May 22, 2023, and run until August 25, 2023.

  • Users can save up to 10% on accommodation prices by paying with their credit cards at the time of reservation through "online card payment."

  • The campaign encourages people to book their summer vacation accommodations in advance to secure the best rates.

The Big Picture

  • According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, about 1.95 million foreign visitors came to Japan in April, 14 times more than in the same month last year and 66.6 percent more than in 2019 before the outbreak.

  • This surge in travel demand is expected to continue with the relaxation of border control measures and the containment of the coronavirus situation in the country.

  • Yahoo! Japan's campaign is a way to capitalize on this growing demand and help people save money on their summer vacations.

Important Notes

  • This promotion applies to all properties and accommodations listed on Yahoo! Travel, including popular properties and hotel chains.

  • Users have two options: "Use Now," allowing users to immediately discount the trip's price with earned PayPay points, or "Save Now," enabling users to save points without using them.

  • PayPay points cannot be withdrawn or transferred and can only be used in the official PayPay store.

  • Reservations made without signing in to a Yahoo! account are not eligible for the promotion and selecting "Use Now" will not earn PayPay points.