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Yahoo! Japan Uses AI to Summarize Job Reviews

Source: LY Corp

Tokyo, Japan - Yahoo! Japan's Job Catalogue, the Japanese job search site, is partnering with OpenAI to test a new feature that summarizes user-submitted company reviews. 

The feature uses OpenAI's GPT-4 API and will condense lengthy company reviews into a few key points. 

Yahoo! Japan hopes this will improve the speed and efficiency of job searches.

The "Kuchikomi AI summary sentence" feature will provide concise summaries on topics such as employee work style freedom or compensation. 

It will allow job seekers to get a broad overview of company trends without reading each review in detail. 

The initial test rollout will include approximately 3,000 companies.

Yahoo! emphasizes that this is an experimental feature and that results may only sometimes be accurate. 

They also urge users to check the summaries against the source reviews for additional accuracy.