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(From left) Creative Strategies’ Carolina Milanesi, Samsung’s Dr. Hon Pak, sleep scientist Vanessa Hill and the National Sleep Foundation’s John Lopos discuss the importance of sleep. Source: Samsung Electronics

Austin, TX - At SXSW 2024 in Austin, a panel of experts discussed the impact of technology on sleep health.

Samsung hosted the session, which featured Dr. Hon Pak (Samsung), sleep researcher Vanessa Hill, and John Lopos (National Sleep Foundation).

The panelists emphasized the importance of sleep and its direct impact on various aspects of life, including daily activities, dietary choices, and mental well-being. 

Despite growing interest in personal sleep health, sleep quality continues to decline worldwide. 

The experts were optimistic that AI-driven technology and wearables can help individuals improve their sleep habits and environments.

Dr. Pak highlighted Samsung's vision to use the Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Ring to track sleep metrics and provide insights.

AI-generated insights can encourage users to develop better habits and make positive changes.

Panelists discussed the integration of AI into mobile devices. 

Dr. Pak noted that Samsung aims to provide personalized insights through the Samsung Health app.

As AI capabilities expand, users can expect tailored experiences that help them make small changes to improve their sleep health.

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