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AnotherBall's $12.7M Boost in Virtual Tech

Source: Izumo

Tokyo, Japan - AnotherBall recently announced that it has secured $12.7 million in seed funding, bringing its total funding to approximately $14.8 million. 

The funding demonstrates growing investor interest in AnotherBall's vision of using entertainment to connect cultures and societies.

Why It Matters:

The investment is a vote of confidence in AnotherBall's innovative approach to virtual entertainment, particularly in the VTuber (virtual YouTuber) space.

AnotherBall's leadership, experienced in digital initiatives such as "Mamari" and "PRISM Project," is advancing the IZUMO project, which aims to redefine digital identity through virtual avatars.

The company's fundraising success reflects a broader investor trend toward supporting technology-driven entertainment platforms.

The Key Points

  • The seed funding round, led by ANRI and Hashed, included contributions from Global Brain, Globis Capital Partners, Sfermion, and Kun Gao, co-founder of Crunchyroll.
  • IZUMO is working on projects such as "Ailis" and "SAI by IZUMO" to develop a platform for creators to engage and monetize content through avatars, with a beta expected in early 2024.
  • CEO Shunsuke Oyu, aka Captain, emphasizes the shift to an avatar-based economy, especially among younger audiences, and the critical role of VTubers in this evolving landscape.

What They Say:

CEO Oyu states, 

"Observing the games and content that children are passionate about today, it is clear that a significant portion of humanity will inevitably and irreversibly engage in economic activity through avatars." 

He also pledges to use the recent funding to realize the goals of the IZUMO project and promote the otaku lifestyle worldwide.

What Comes Next:

AnotherBall's plans for the new investment are to accelerate the development of the IZUMO platform.

With a planned beta release in early 2024 and launch later that year, the company is positioned to be a significant player in the virtual entertainment industry. 

This initiative is particularly timely, as global consulting firm McKinsey estimates that the economic impact of the metaverse could reach up to $5 trillion by 2030.