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Kakao Mobility Launches 'BRING' Robot Delivery Service

Source: Kakao Mobility

Seoul, South Korea - Kakao Mobility has launched its "BRING" robot delivery service and "BRING-ON" open API platform to commercialize robot delivery services.

The company aims to improve delivery operations and efficiency by leveraging its mobility technology and LG Electronics' hardware.

BRING" combines delivery robots with the BRING-ON" platform, enabling a single robot to perform food and beverage delivery, office mail delivery, and hotel concierge services.

Without special robot-oriented designs, the platform's control system allows robots to be deployed in existing buildings, including offices, hotels, apartments, and hospitals.

Kakao Mobility developed the "BRING-ON" platform, which uses open APIs to connect delivery orders to robots. 

This provides flexibility and adaptability to customer environments regardless of delivery service or robot model.

The platform leverages Kakao Mobility's AI technologies, including optimal dispatch, demand forecasting, and routing, to minimize manual intervention and maximize delivery efficiency.

Kakao Mobility has partnered with LG Electronics, which will provide robotic hardware for the BRING platform, such as the LG CLOi ServeBot (double-door model).

Since signing a business agreement in 2022, the two companies have collaborated on developing autonomous robotic indoor and outdoor delivery service models.

Kakao Mobility and LG Electronics will introduce the "BRING" service on the 25th at Nudity Seoul Forest, a multicultural complex in Seongsu-dong, Seoul.

The robots will demonstrate their ability to perform complex tasks such as collecting mail from the mailroom, picking up drinks from the cafeteria, and delivering them to individual employees in offices on different floors.

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