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LG Chief Seeks AI Talent, Investor Ties in US Trip

Source: LG Electronics

Seoul, South Korea—LG Electronics (066570. KS) CEO William Cho is visiting the United States this week to attract AI talent, communicate the company's strategy to investors, and attend the MS CEO Summit. 

The visit is part of LG's strategy to accelerate the incorporation of AI across its businesses.

Cho convened a technology conference in Cupertino, California, attended by artificial intelligence experts from technology firms, startups, and universities. 

The conference's objective was to discuss the company's vision and the development of AI. 

LG aims to advance its AI capabilities by leveraging its extensive customer data, comprising approximately 700 million products in use worldwide.

Moreover, the CEO intends to conduct a non-deal roadshow in San Francisco to demonstrate LG's transformation into a "Smart Life Solution Company." 

Expanding its B2B business and platform-based services and exploring new domains, including robotics and EV charging.

LG is pursuing a "3B strategy" to develop its AI capabilities through internal investment, strategic partnerships, and targeted acquisitions. 

The company anticipates increasing collaborative opportunities with global technology firms, leveraging its extensive customer touchpoints and data insights.

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