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LINE NEXT Debuts NFT Game "Frame Arms Girl" on GAME DOSI


Why it matters: LINE NEXT Inc. has announced its first title, "Frame Arms Girl: Dream Stadium," to be released on its Web3 gaming platform, GAME DOSI.

The game, scheduled for release on July 6, represents LINE NEXT's push to expand the NFT ecosystem and Web3 gaming.

The Key Points:

  • The game "Frame Arms Girl: Dream Stadium" will be available in 180 countries, excluding South Korea, Japan, and China. Based on the Frame Arms Girl series, the game will offer various gameplay options, and some aspects of the game can be turned into NFTs.
  • LINE NEXT has opened pre-registration for the game until its release, with early participants receiving special in-game items and NFTs that can later be traded on the GAME DOSI store page.
  • Launched last month, GAME DOSI is part of LINE NEXT's efforts to expand its global NFT platform, DOSI. The platform aims to provide a variety of games while helping developers create blockchain-based Web3 games.
  • Along with "Frame Arms Girl: Dream Stadium," LINE NEXT is also developing other games in various genres, five of which were announced last month. More titles are expected to be revealed later this year.

The Big Picture: LINE NEXT's move to release Frame Arms Girl: Dream Stadium" underscores its commitment to shaping the future of the NFT business.

By focusing on a game-centric platform that supports the development and play of Web3 games, LINE NEXT is creating a digital environment where users can own and trade digital goods, marking an essential step in the evolving landscape of blockchain technology and gaming.