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Naver Unveils Integrated Short-Form Video Service, Clip for Bloggers.

Source: Naver

Seoul, South Korea - Naver (KRX: 035420) has launched a new integrated short-form video service, Clip, to capitalize on the growing demand for bite-sized content. 

The move is part of Naver's strategy to strengthen its competitive edge in the short-form video market and expand its creator ecosystem.

The new Clip service features an enhanced video editor and viewer, as well as the integration of Naver Blog's short-form service, Moment. 

The key feature of the Clip editor is the "information sticker," which allows creators to link their videos to various Naver services such as shopping and reservations, providing a seamless user experience from content discovery to real-world activities.

Naver plans to promote information stickers through large-scale challenges and further refine the feature. 

The company believes that this will connect its various services and provide users with a more engaging and convenient experience.

The integration of Moment into Clip is expected to encourage creation and sharing of short-form content within the Naver ecosystem. 

Bloggers can now create high-quality short-form content without needing separate video editing tools, while users can quickly discover content related to their interests.

Throughout the year, Naver will focus on expanding short-form content creation among creators on its content platforms, such as blogs, Naver TV, and NOW.

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