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Source: Samsung Electronics

Seoul, South Korea / Stockholm, Sweden - Samsung Electronics (KRX: 005930) is partnering on a residential development in Sweden that aims to optimize home energy efficiency by integrating the company's SmartThings Energy smart home management system.

Why It Matters: 

Climate change is driving demand for energy-efficient technologies, such as smart homes, to reduce emissions. Companies are responding by developing innovative solutions.

The Key Points

  • Samsung is collaborating on a smart community of 2,000 homes near Stockholm using its SmartThings Energy home management system.
  • The project aims to optimize energy efficiency through smart appliances and solar power.
  • Homeowners can monitor real-time consumption and manage costs through a central dashboard.
  • It demonstrates the potential of smart homes to improve sustainability as emissions reduction becomes increasingly important.

What They Say: 

"The goal of this smart community project is to create seamless connectivity through technologies like SmartThings Energy to help consumers manage their homes and energy usage,"

said Chan Woo Park,
EVP and Head of the Service Biz Group at Samsung Electronics.

What Comes Next?

The first model home opened this month, and 500 homes are expected to be completed by 2025.

Samsung showed related technologies at IFA 2023 and plans a global rollout.

Philip’s Burble.

As climate change accelerates, smart home energy optimization is likely to play an increasing role in sustainability.

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