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Samsung Unveils Next-Gen Memory Tech at Annual Event

Source: Samsung Electronics

San Jose, CA, USA - Samsung Electronics hosted its annual Memory Tech Day, attended by approximately 600 industry stakeholders. 

Why it matters:

Samsung Electronics Memory Tech Day provided insights into evolving memory technologies expected to impact multiple sectors, including cloud computing, edge devices, and automotive applications. 

The Key Points

  • Samsung is developing 3D structures for sub-10nm DRAM and aims to start mass production of 1,000-layer vertical NAND (V-NAND) by early 2024.
  • The HBM3E Shinebolt DRAM offers a per-pin speed of 9.8Gbps and can achieve transfer rates of more than 1.2Tbps.
  • In the automotive sector, Samsung's removable AutoSSD offers 4TB of storage and read speeds of up to 6,500MBps.

What they say:

Jung-Bae Lee, head of Samsung's storage business, discussed the company's initiatives to meet the needs of the hyper-scale era. 

He outlined plans to transition from the recently released 12nm class DRAM to an industry-leading density 11nm class DRAM. 

Samsung also aims to reduce power consumption by developing ultra-low power memory technologies.

The Next:

Samsung plans to begin mass production of its 1,000-layer V-NAND in early 2024. 

The company also focuses on sustainability by incorporating recycled materials into its portable SSD products and investing in ultra-low power technologies to reduce power consumption across platforms.