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ACSI 2023: LG Scores High in TVs and Appliances

Source: LG Electronics

SEOUL, South Korea - The 2023 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey results show that LG Electronics (LG) has achieved remarkable results in the TV and home appliance sectors.

Why it matters:

Consumer satisfaction is a metric that can indicate a brand's performance in the marketplace.

ACSI, with its comprehensive evaluations across multiple industries, has recognized LG's standing.

Among the highlights

TV category: In the TV manufacturing sector of the ACSI survey, LG scored 83 points, an increase of 4 percent from previous measurements. Factors such as product durability and warranty coverage contributed to this score.

Home Appliances: LG maintained its position in the white goods category with a score of 82, an increase of one point from the previous year.

What else?  

ACSI is a U.S.-based organization with a track record spanning more than two decades that specializes in assessing customer satisfaction in various industries.

Their findings are based on interviews with approximately half a million consumers.

LG has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability.

The U.S. Department of Energy's recent guidelines on water and energy use in home appliances indicate a trend toward improved energy efficiency standards. LG's efforts are in line with this trend.

The ACSI survey results highlight LG's performance in specific areas, reflecting its alignment with customer preferences and industry sustainability trends.