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Atinum Growth Fund Partnership2023: Atinum's New KRW800 Billion Initiative

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya / Unsplash

Seoul, South Korea - Atinum Investment (KOSDAQ: 021080) announced its Atinum Growth Fund Partnership 2023 details.

Establishing this fund underscores Atinum's commitment to supporting startups domestically and internationally.

Why It Matters

Current macroeconomic conditions have led to a decline in startup investment in South Korea.

However, some market participants are trying to take advantage of this decline.

The Key Points

  • The fund is valued at KRW 800 billion (US$604.37 million) and follows the KRW 550 billion (US$415.76 million) Atinum Growth Fund Partnership 2020.
  • The fund will focus on start-ups that have been in operation for over three years and have a pre-investment enterprise value of KRW 50 billion (US$37.79 million).
  • Approximately 60% of the fund will be allocated to services/platforms, deep tech, bio/healthcare, and content/IP sectors.

The Big Picture

  • Atinum's "one fund" methodology facilitates diverse investments in companies at different stages of development.
  • Atinum aims to stimulate growth through continuous investment.
  • The Growth Partners segment aims to optimize the development trajectory of investee companies across multiple domains.
  • Following the opening of the Singapore office in 2021, Atinum expects to allocate 10-20% of its total commitments to international ventures, focusing on Southeast Asia and the US.
  • The primary objective is to identify and invest in potential global leaders.

Cheuk Kim, Chief Managing Director of Atinum Investment, acknowledged the confidence of its investors and linked it to the firm's focused one-fund strategy, especially in light of current market challenges.

Historically, Atinum has completed 26 partnerships and 22 liquidations.

Its investment portfolio includes Dunamu, Wanted Lab, Ecomarketing, and Ridi.

* US$1=KRW1,323.16