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bemyfriends Updates b.stage POP: User Engagement & Strategic Objectives

Source: bemyfriends

Seoul, South Korea - bemyfriends, a company specializing in the global fandom business, announced updates to its b.stage POP feature. 

The new enhancements include a 1:1 TALK for one-on-one messaging and an ASK feature for question-and-answer sessions. 

Enhanced functionality for user engagement

The update advances the company's strategy to improve fan-to-artist interactions. b.stage is a comprehensive platform integrating content sharing, community engagement, memberships, e-commerce, and live streaming into a unified experience. 

It eliminates the need for users to switch between platforms for various fandom-related activities.

Quantifiable Demand for Custom Messaging

According to bemyfriends' Fandom Experience Survey, 70% of fans find private messaging appealing and necessary. 

The added 1:1 TALK feature aims to meet this quantifiable demand by enabling direct, personalized communication between artists and fans.

Unified communication tools

The update integrates previously separate functionalities - live streaming, text chat, and 1:1 TALK - into a single environment within b.stage POP. 

This integrated approach allows users to switch between different modes of interaction seamlessly. 

The fan receives an instant notification when a user is in a 1:1 TALK session, and an artist initiates a live stream. 

The ASK feature allows artists to send photos and answer fan questions during live and text-based interactions.

Adoption by the entertainment industry

K-POP groups such as ATEEZ, which KQ Entertainment manages, have begun to use the updated feature set. 

Following this trend acts like Queenz Eye and multinational rookie girl group X:IN also integrate b.stage POP into their global fan engagement strategies.

What to expect?

Brice Lee, Co-CEO of bemyfriends, noted that b.stage allows business owners to create a centralized hub for all fandom-related activities. 

This aligns with the company's diversification strategy into fandom consulting, global e-commerce, and IP-based business initiatives.