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Brokarry 2.0 Revolutionizes Freight Transportation with AI Capabilities

Source: Brokarry

KT (NYSE: KT) announced the launch of Brokarry 2.0, an upgraded version of its freight brokerage and transportation services platform, in partnership with digital logistics group Lolab.

The upgraded platform features enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, including AI-based transportation control and freight recommendation services.

Since its inception, Brokarry has attracted over 10,000 borrowing members and more than 160 medium and large shippers.

The platform's new release, Brokarry 2.0, incorporates customer feedback from the past year and introduces AI-powered features designed to optimize freight transportation.

Leveraging KT's AI technology, shippers can access real-time location, traffic data, and estimated arrival times through the platform's AI-driven transportation control services.

The new release also allows shippers to customize transit and round-trip loads, which previously required manual ordering.

In addition, drivers can access AI-optimized freight recommendations based on their preferred areas and route data.

By linking this information to vehicle-specific navigation systems, drivers can secure customized work, ensuring efficient and stable transportation.

Lolab provides professional consulting services to help shippers optimize logistics operations.

For example, in conjunction with Brokarry 2.0, it uses KT's AI transportation optimization platform, LIS'FO, to suggest optimal operation plans and unit prices for each shipper.

KT and Lolab plan to further improve Brokarry by actively incorporating feedback from the field and analyzing accumulated transportation data.

In addition, the two companies aim to provide AI voice guidance services for volume guidance and dispatching, ultimately leading the digital transformation of the South Korean logistics market.

With its AI technology, KT aims to create new value for customers and lead market transformation by collaborating with various domestic and international partners.