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COMEUP Stars 2024: Korea Startup Forum Launches Global Competition

Source: Korea Startup Forum

Seoul, South Korea — The Korea Startup Forum (KSF) announced on Monday the launch of COMEUP Stars 2024, a global startup competition designed to empower early-stage startups and enhance the event's international visibility. 

The competition will be divided into three distinct leagues: the Runners League, the Rookie League, and the Rocket League. A total of 140 teams will be selected for participation.

The Runners League is open to prospective entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, regardless of age, nationality, or industry. 

The Rookie League is reserved for startups founded within the past seven years and has received less than one million dollars in total funding. 

In contrast, the Rocket League will feature established teams recommended by the COMEUP Advisory Committee and venture capitalists (VCs).

The KSF will provide accelerated programs, including practical lectures, interactive seminars, and mentorship from VC firms.

 Finalists will receive several benefits, including the opportunity to participate in Viva Technology 2025, discounts on coworking space, and access to business matching at COMEUP 2024.

Applications will be accepted from June 3rd to July 5th, with the finalists to be announced on August 2nd. 

The COMEUP 2024 event will be held at the COEX convention center in Seoul, South Korea, on December 11 and 12.