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Coupang Launches Direct Shopping from Japan for S. Koreans

Photo by François Brémont / Unsplash

Seoul, South Korea - Coupang (NYSE: CPNG) announced the expansion of its "Rocket Overseas Shopping" service to Japan. 

The move allows South Korean shoppers to purchase Japanese products directly through Coupang's platform, which already offers fast and convenient direct overseas shopping from the U.S., China, and Hong Kong.

Demand for Japanese products among South Korean consumers is increasing. 

According to the National Statistics Portal (KOSIS), the direct-to-consumer market in Japan is expected to grow 11% year over year by 2023. 

However, consumers have been frustrated by the lack of variety and competitive pricing of existing Japanese direct delivery services in South Korea.

The addition of Japan to Coupang's Rocket Overseas Shopping service, which already includes the U.S., China, and Hong Kong, is expected to provide South Korean consumers access to a wider variety of Japanese products at competitive prices. 

The move highlights the growing importance of cross-border e-commerce in the Asia-Pacific region as more consumers seek access to a broader range of international products.

Coupang aims to address this issue by offering a wide range of popular Japanese brands in various categories, including food, housewares, beauty, home, kitchen, books, and stationery. 

The company is also offering promotional discounts to celebrate the launch of the new service.

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