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Coupang Enters Live Commerce Battle With Naver

Source: Coupang

The application for live streaming service creators or the 3rd vendor of Coupang is now live at Google Play from the last date of 2020.

The new live-streaming commerce service is expected to be called Coupang Live.

Since the company was proactively hiring for the talents with live streaming commerce experience from last September, now the application is at Google Play named as “Coupang Live Creator(쿠팡 라이브 크리에이터).”

The Pickool team could check from the application that Coupang is now recruiting the live streaming commerce creators in two categories: Live Creator and The Legacy Vendors.

Coupang will pay a specific fee for sales made via Coupang Live by creators if the transaction is made by reviewing the terms and conditions for creators. 

However, the exact commission rate is not open to the public now.

The vendors with Coupang Wing or Coupang Supplier Hub authentication can participate in the Coupang Live vendors. 

South Korean press reported that the official launch of Coupang Live is expected around mid-January 2021.

The Competition with Naver.

Coupang and Naver are competing with each other on every battlefield of eCommerce.

34% of the total Naver’s revenue is now recurring from commerce and payment, according to its Q3 earnings report.

Naver is a step ahead within the competition with Coupang in the live streaming commerce.

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